Smoke on the Tiger

This is, I think, my favourite design. There are a few reasons for this. One, tigers are my favourite animal, pretty much ever… And two, it was somewhat the idea behind the name killerkitt3n.  I don’t know why it took me so long to create this, but finally, I got to it.


This design is available on my RedBubble store for purchase already.  I like this one because he has a little bit of hair. If you have an animal suggestion or request for this style then leave me a comment, send me a message through my “contact” page at the top of the screen, or reach out to me on one of my social media accounts.

Once again, before I posted this to my store, I gave a few sneak peeks on Instagram. This includes Instagram stories while I’m working, and then posts with snippets of the image. If you want to try and guess what it is then check out my Instagram and leave me a comment.

My social medias are all linked below, but just in case:
Twitter: KillerKitt3n_
Instagram: KillerKitt3n
Tumblr: KillerKitt3n

Check it out and feel free to leave comments or message me, input, feedback, support and general messages are always appreciated.


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