Smoke on the Deer

This was actually the first ever design I made. Fun little fact, this was just created with a business course in mind, so I could create a business plan and such easier. Once I discovered I could actually do these things, I thought I’d pursue it and see where it got me.

Deer (BG) WM

This design, unfortunately, isn’t available on my RedBubble store as I recently had a few technical issues, one of which resulted in the deletion of many of my designs. Luckily, during my slight social media hiatus, I have been working on some new designs.

As usual, check out my social media, they’re all linked at the bottom of the page. I am very active on my Instagram but I also post on my Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. I often give sneak peeks into my upcoming work and tell you when new designs have been put on my store.

Check it out and feel free to leave comments or message me, input, feedback, support and general messages are always appreciated.



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