Smoke on the Penguin

I made this as a request from a mate. This… turned out to be a little harder than expected. Penguins are mostly white… They do not show up very well when trying to make them in this style… apparently.

Penguin (BG)WM

This design is available on my RedBubble store for purchase already.  I like this one because he has a little bit of hair. If you have an animal suggestion or request for this style then leave me a comment, send me a message through my “contact” page at the top of the screen, or reach out to me on one of my social media accounts.

This design, specifically, I gave little sneak peeks of in the build up to releasing it on my store. If you wanna see these, and guess what it’ll be then check out my Instagram.

My social medias are all linked below, but just in case:
Twitter: KillerKitt3n_
Instagram: KillerKitt3n

I am quite active on both platforms and often give sneak peeks into my latest designs and tweet about when a new design will be uploaded and when I am working on new things.

Check it out and feel free to leave comments or message me, input, feedback, support and general messages are always appreciated.


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