I Donut Like You

I’ve been trying to learn how to do more things, make different designs and such. So I used inkscape this time, to create a vector image, of a donut. Then I added a little bit of my own flare and added a punny little quote.


This design is available on my RedBubble store on a range of different products. For some items, the design has been altered a little so it is just the donut, or a repeated image of the donut on it’s own as it works a little better. If you would like to see more items with just this donut, leave me a comment.

I am aware that this is a typical quote, “I donut like you”, and I did not make it up myself but it worked so well, and when I saw the font, I knew I had to include it as the font itself looks like it has sprinkes around it.

My social medias are all linked below, but just in case:
Twitter: KillerKitt3n_
Instagram: KillerKitt3n

I am quite active on both platforms, and often give sneak peeks into my latest designs and tweet about when a new design will be uploaded and when I am working on new things.

Check it out and feel free to leave comments or message me, input, feedback, support and general messages are always appreciated.


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